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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October Winds

The leaves are blowing around and coming down...weather has turned chilly! Time to be makin' some cozy, warm things! My hoodie is done and I decided a warm pair of wool socks would be good... I ended up making 3 of the same sock...the first was big enough to fit over the bandaging on my post surgical foot! LOL!

I ended up with a 'patterning' problem, which my DD tells me there's an easy cure for--so it won't be happening next time! :)

I also crocheted a hat (since I had plenty of time to sit around!).

That was fast and fun and my Canadian friend thinks she needs it to keep her head warm this winter! :)

Now, I'm trying to resurrect a pattern that I used 35 years ago and can't find anywhere now. Its a dolly purse for my granddaughter--if I can remember how to make it! We'll see...

Christmas is coming and my 'invalid' status is about to come to an end, so I'd better get busy!