Quilting, Knitting, Beading, etc. and living in an RV!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My own craft studio!

I got tired of never having a space to spread out and do crafty things.  So, I've bought a vintage camper.  Since red is not exactly a color that 'works' for my creative urges, I have some work to do before I move boxes and books and tools into my new space.  If you want to follow along, you can visit the new camper blog

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A project

Finally broke down & bought yarn!

Monday, September 03, 2012

I've figured it out!

Living in the fifth wheel with an ex-farmer, and class 3 hoarder is definitely partly responsible for my inability to jump into a craft project of any kind.  I HAVE NO SPACE for anything.  We don't even have a table and chairs because of 2 dog crates and a 5 cu foot chest freezer.  There is just nowhere to work any more.  It wasn't bad when we were on the road--he carried his stuff in boxes on the 'hauler' and mine lived in the RV.  Since he's been working permanently here in the Midwest the last few years--not so much.  If there's a flat surface anywhere, he will cover it with magazines, tools, parts....

So, I have a plan I'm working on.  My very own 'space', in the form of a vintage travel trailer that will be a craft room/guest house.  It'll have it's own utilities including heat and air--and my stashes!  Right now I'm looking hard at one that I came across on a neighboring farm (owned by another hoarder who hasn't moved it since 1984!) 

Now, prying anything away from a hoarder is not easy.  Farmer Hoarders are the worst!  But I'm persistent.  This one has it all, believe it or not, and can be fixed up to actually function as a camper occasionally!  So, pray for me....

Meanwhile, I have recently made one of those ribbon yarn, make it in 24 hours scarves and am working on a Queen Anne's Lace scarf in Fall colors.  I find I can crochet without much trouble from the afflicted shoulder and hand, so I'm sticking with that for a while.

Hope ya'll had a great Labor Day weekend.