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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One giant step into Winter....

When you see something like this, you know you are in the presence of someone who's either lost their marbles or has WAY too much time on her hands! LOL!

So, Fall, with all it's brilliant colors, has turned brown, the skies got gray and it began to rain! *sigh* "Winter in the Middle" has arrived. North of here, there's snow. South of here, it's warm.....

Ah well, now that I have the tiny sock out of my system, now I'm going to make some REAL socks to keep peoples' feet warm! I have a burning urge to go to the nearest LYS and TOUCH NEW YARN, but then I would want to buy it--and it just isn't in the budget. So, I'll keep whittling on my stash until my daughter takes pity on me and let's me browse through HER massive stash! :D She's already bought me a set of circular needles for Christmas..... :)

But, before I do anything else, I must knit the hood onto my grandson's new hoodie! :D