Quilting, Knitting, Beading, etc. and living in an RV!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I'm up to block #9 on the feux Amish quiltlette! Stars take a long time--all those little triangles.... Eventually, they'll be joined, with black strips between and bright floral appliques scattered around on the black areas. Should be nice.....

Altho, I have to admit that I saw the quilt that nearly made me give up! BEAUTIFUL little thing--window pane, looking out on a pastel flower garden--all done with 2" squares. My friend KT only made one--but it was a doozy! :)

Flea market booth hasn't materialized. Of the two wonderful 'daughters' who were supposedly going to ship me my collection, one is suffering from morning sickness and the other is just plain too busy. :( Oh well. Lesson learned: Never leave home without my 'stuff'!

Yesseree! We're finally going to get that second grandbaby! Much excitement and jubilation abounds! Little Connor (he's 6 1/2) is frantic to know if he's going to get that brother he's always wanted, or be stuck with a baby sister.... The rest of the families are hoping for a girl, at last. I'll take whatever! This, of course, means that our vagabond lifestyle has to undergo some modification for a while--like, I WILL be there for the main event and months to follow!!!:)

Meanwhile, back to the amish-style quilt. Gotta get it done so I can start on the baby's quilt.....