Quilting, Knitting, Beading, etc. and living in an RV!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Oh my goodness! I've DEFINATELY neglected this blog! Might have had something to do with the cell phone internet connection....

I did, indeed, actually finish the lovely purple mono quilt I was making for Lana'sChristmas gift! I hit a creative snag somewhere in the midst of the trip back to IL and the trip down to FL, but it's finished and in her possession!
Started an Amish-inspired star quilt a couple of weeks ago. I have 6 blocks of the 9 it takes.... All those 1 1/2" black squares, stitched to colored squares and turned into 2 color 1" squares.... Keeping the black threads swept off the pink carpeting is a twice daily event!

I'm trying to get myself together and get a booth at the flea market, to see if anyone wants to pay real money for any of my quilt-lettes. Or my marbles. Or, if I can con Lana into sending them, my beanie babies (the collection from a whole nother era of my life!). Once I have all those things assembled in one STATE, and my car actually RUNS, I'll go rent a booth and see what happens! :)

I hear the black thread calling my name..... Later!