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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Okay, I apologize to you and myself for not blogging in so long! Good grief! You'd think I'd been busy, but that just ain't so! Slacking, mostly. I've been knitting like crazy, tho--so I guess it isn't all bad! :) Cranked out a hoodie for me (lots of yarn went into THAT!) and hoodies for my grandson and his cousin, plus a few hats, some scarves--and now I'm back to socks. Gave my son a knitted toe and 2 balls of sock yarn for his birthday last weekend! I'm having a little trouble getting the fit for his foot. One sock is done, now, and I'm having trouble catching 'the foot' to do a 'try on'! So, in the meantime, I I've started socks for ME from the beautiful, red, washable merino wool that my DD gave me at Christmas! Prior to that, she blessed me with a lovely set of interchangeable circular needles--which I LOVE!

At least I won't have any trouble with trying on for size! :D


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