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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The last pineapples! I've reached the round where I finish each pineapple individually.... *sigh* A bit tedious, but so close to being DONE! :D I'm more than ready to move on to another project.... Now that I'm hanging out in Ravelry, there are so many cool things to think about making! I started pulling out skeins of yarn from here and there and realized that I have at least 3 pair of socks to make, and earwarmers, and fingerless gloves. AND I've discovered Lion Wool at Walmart (our only shopping choice where I live!) that would felt nicely.... :D

And then there's all that lovely fabric for more mini quilts....

And then there's all those brightly colored beads to weave....

And then, winter is coming and it's nearly time to dig out the winter duds and see what's wearable and what needs to just GO AWAY!

So many projects!


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